Outside of the exacerbation, the woman feels well, but may complain of slight pain on the side of the lesion and pain during intercourse.

The disease proceeds for a long time with periods of subsidence and exacerbation (relapses) of the symptoms of the disease, which can be triggered by various reasons: hypothermia, menstruation, and others.
In the blood, leukocytes and ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate) increase.

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The woman's condition worsens: body temperature rises to 40°C, intoxication phenomena (weakness, chills, headache) increase. The pain in the region of the labia majora, in which the cyst has formed, intensifies, acquiring the character of a constant throbbing.


With the introduction of pathogenic microorganisms into the tissues of the gland, as well as into the fiber that surrounds it, a pyogenic (purulent) melting occurs.renchyma of the gland with the formation of a capsule in which pus is localized. Both the small and labia swell, and on the unaffected side too, they turn red and are sharply painful when walking, at rest and when touched. The main principles of treatment of bartholinitis are antibiotic therapy and pain relief. In the event of a cyst or abscess of cipro pills gland, surgical treatment is often necessary. For the entire duration of treatment, a woman is advised to refrain from sexual activity. Symptoms of bartholinitis in a woman.


The disease begins with infiltration of the excretory duct of the Bartholin gland. Its lumen sharply narrows (and then completely disappears), the outflow of the contents of the gland is disturbed, it accumulates in the gland. In response to these changes, the size of the gland begins to gradually increase, a rounded protrusion appears on the surface of the affected labia majora, surrounded by a zone of hyperemia and edema.


During intercourse, itching and burning may be felt at the entrance to the vagina. When pressing on the gland, purulent discharge appears. In the subsequent stages of bartholinitis, the inflammatory process spreads deep into the organ with the formation of an abscess or cyst. This is what bartholinitis looks like in a photo in women. In the later stages, when an abscess has already formed, a woman will feel a rather strong, throbbing pain in the area of ​​​​the entrance to the vagina, her health will worsen, chills are possible, body temperature rises to 39 degrees or more, general weakness and malaise, headache. Movement will be accompanied by discomfort or even pain in the perineum, a burning sensation.

  • Bartholinitis is manifested by the following symptoms

  • Symptoms of acute bartholinitis

  • Redness around the exit site of the excretory duct of ciprofloxacin online - while the patient's well-being does not change

  • Palpation of an increase in the excretory duct of the gland - while pressing a small amount of pus is released from it

  • Signs of chronic bartholinitis

  • The rest of the time, the chronic form may not show any special signs

  • Sometimes there may only be slight pain during movement and sexual intercourse. Also, chronic bartholinitis can provoke the appearance of a cyst of ciprofloxacin pills gland at the entrance to the vagina

  • With any hint of inflammatory processes in the Bartholin gland, women bearing a child should consult a doctor as soon as possible. A disease such as bartholinitis, the symptoms during pregnancy are the same as in the normal state, so it will not be difficult to recognize the disease.
  • When planning a pregnancy, you should definitely completely cure bartholinitis before it occurs. If the disease first arose during the period of bearing a child, with all responsibility and mandatory medical care, it is necessary to approach minimizing harm to the fetus and mother.
  • It is very important to do this, since this disease, which developed in the period from the fifth day from the moment of conception to the thirteenth week, can lead to fetal fading.
  • Without timely treatment, suppuration in the vestibule of the vagina can lead to the spread of infection to other organs of the reproductive system.
  • There is a risk of spontaneous opening of the abscess inside, followed by the spread of purulent inflammation to other tissues and organs, up to sepsis.
  • When the abscess is opened, relief comes out, but the disease becomes chronic without appropriate treatment, in some cases a fistula forms at the site of the abscess rupture.


  • After all, if initially the problem was caused by gonococci or chlamydia that got into the gland, then these infections should be treated independently and in the first place.
  • If bartholinitis is detected, treatment should be started immediately. The earlier treatment is started, the better the prognosis of the disease. The easiest way to treat bartholinitis is in the stage of canaliculitis, the therapy of which can be carried out at home.
  • Treatment of symptoms of bartholinitis in women has the following goals: elimination of pain in the focus of inflammation and intoxication of the body; prevention of the formation of a true abscess - the third stage of the disease; prevention of the formation of cystic complication of the Bartholin gland.

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